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I want my life back!!! discovery session (30 min)
A 30-minute free consultation to help you be crystal clear on what are your main challenges right now, what has been preventing you from living the life you deserve and simple tips that should kick start your journey toward becoming the person you want and deserve to be.
I want my life back and I take action today (90 min) - $197
This is a one time offer for those who want to:
- get clarity about where the are in life
- receive some tips and insights on how to move forward
- are actually ready to take action
- are ready to experience their first actual session


FabYOUlicious session (90 min)
Get moving (30 min)
A short session to get things moving between session. Part of Rebirth VIP package
Breakthrough 1/2 day
A session proven to help those feeling stuck in their personal or professional life move again


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